Personal Training

Are you interested in starting a fitness program designed for your own personal needs and flexible to your busy schedule? Learning about the proper training skills needed for health and well-being? Familiarizing yourself with different machines and equipment? Toning and shaping? Strength or sport specific training? If yes, then you need a personal trainer!

Our Personal Trainers are nationally certified and can design a quality training program to assist you in meeting your fitness goals!

Packages & Pricing

Individual Training

# SessionsStudentFaculty/StaffCommunity
        3  $100        $125     $160
        5   $150        $180     $215
        7   $200        $255     $275
       10     $275        $300     $335
*Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission: 10 Sessions ONLY

Partner Training

# SessionsStudent    Faculty/Staff
         3   $125        $150
         5   $180        $225
         7   $205        $280


Personal Training Packages & Pricing


Register For Personal Training

If you have registered for personal training before your registration may already be on file! To check if your registration is on file please visit our front office or contact us at  (505) 277-0178.


  • Late Policy: Instructors will only wait 15 minutes after a scheduled time for participants. After a 15 minute period, the session is considered canceled and the instructor is free to leave. Sessions that start late will still end at the scheduled time, barring extenuating circumstances.
  • No Show Policy: If you do not show for the scheduled session with your trainer AND you do not give a cancellation or advance notice you forfeit your session.
  • Refund Policy: All packages are non-refundable.


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