UNM 5K Commuter Club

In support of the UNM 2040 goal of sustainability, we would like to offer the UNM 5K Commuter Club.  The 5K Commuter Club is open to any UNM student, staff, or faculty who commutes, even occasionally, by bicycle to UNM.  5K Commuters commit to bike commuting to and from UNM a total of 5174 miles at 5174 (UNM's elevation) at their own pacing.



Students, staff, and faculty of UNM

Registration and Payment

We accept online payment, and you can sign up at the OAC.  Payment by Tuition Remission (Personal Enrichment/Fitness benefit) is available for eligible staff and faculty.


For More information contact Charles Gwinn - gwinnc@unm.edu.