Rec Card FAQ

Q: Who can purchase a Rec. Card?

A: UNM Student Spouse, Domestic Partner and/or Dependent (18-25 years of age), UNM Student Faculty Domestic Partner and/or Dependent (18-25 years of age), UNM Student Staff Domestic Partner and/or Dependent (18-25 years of age), UNM Alumni,  UNM Alumni Spouse, Domestic Partner and/or Dependent (18-25 years of age), UNM Temporary Faculty & Staff, On-Call and/or Adjunct Faculty,  CNM Student, Faculty & Staff, UNM Affiliates/Branch Students (UNM Contractors, UNM Affiliated UNM Educational Institutions, UNM Groups)

Q: How much do Rec. Cards cost?

A: Alumni and Alumni Passports  are $25.00 per month. All other Rec. Cards are $40.00 per semester (Can only purchase 3 semesters at a time).  For all new applicants there is a $10.00 processing fee.  If an individual has lost their Rec Card, they will have to pay the $10.00 processing fee in order to get a new Rec Card.

Q: What verification forms are needed?

A: Alumni need to contact Alumni Relations at 277-5808.  Spouses must provide a marriage certificate.  Domestic Partners must provide proof that they are living at the same address.  Dependents proof that they are living at the same address as their Sponsor.  CNM Students must provide a copy of their class schedule for the current semester.  CNM Faculty & Staff, UNM Temp, Affiliates, On-Call and Adjunct Faculty must provide a letter from department on official letterhead verifying employment.

Q: Can Rec Card holders purchase a locker?

A: Yes they can purchase a semester locker for $15.00 per semester. (Can only purchase for one semester at a time.)

Q: Can Rec Card holders check out equipment?

A: Yes, with their Rec Card they can check out equipment from the Johnson Center/Recreational Services equipment room.

Q: When can Rec Card holders use the facility?

A: During any “open recreation” hours listed on the Facility hours for open recreation use.

Q: Can I bring in guests with my Rec Card?

A:  Yes, but there is a fee associated with bringing in guests. (1) $10.00 JC/RS One Day Pass. (2) If passport (spouse, domestic partner and/or dependent) they can purchase a semester/monthly Rec Card.

Q: How long does it take to get my Rec Card?

A: New applicants will be given (4) temporary passes to enter the facility during the processing period. On the fourth business day the applicant can obtain their Rec Card.

Q: Do UNM Students, Faculty and Staff have to purchase clearance?

A: No, UNM main campus students, Full-Time UNM Faculty and Staff do not have to purchase a Rec Card.

Q:  Do UNM Branch Students have access?

A: No, they need to purchase a Rec Card or Day Pass.

Q: Why do I need to give my Social Security Number?

A: UNM’s record system requires a social security number in order to generate a record in your name with a UNM ID number.

Q: What if I lost my Rec Card?

A: You will have to pay a processing fee of $10.00.

Q: Can I sign-up online?

A: You can renew your clearance online when your card expires.