Pool Rentals

Pool space is available to rent out for groups when available. Groups must be a part of an organization or company. Rentable areas include Johnson pool (seen from the auxiliary gym), the Therapy pool and 1 to 24 lanes of the Olympic pool. All open recreational rules apply during the time of the rental.

Request Pool Rental

To request rental of one of our pools please visit http://ems.unm.edu/

Rental Rates

Olympic Pool
$4/lane/hr. (Short Course) $10/lane/hr. (Long Course) (when available) lanes range from 3.5’ – 14’ deep Temperature is 80°

Johnson Pool
$10/hr. includes 6 lanes. Each lane slopes from 3.5’ to 12’ deep Temperature is 84°

Therapy Pool
$20/hr. pool is 33’ x 60’. The depth slopes from 2’ – 3.5’ Temperature is 92°

Lifeguard Fees
All pools are subject to a $10/ hr lifeguard fee - 1 lifeguard per 40 people per pool
(minimum of 2 lifeguards)

Additional As Required
Rentals may also be subject to Janitorial staffing and equipment fees.

Notice: The diving boards may not be used during rentals!

* For more information regarding facility rental please email Thomas Shiparski at tos2e@unm.edu.