Rec Cards

Johnson Center requires that all patrons who wish to use the facility to have an active LoboCard with clearances to the center. Full-time UNM Students, Faculty and staff on main campus will automatically have clearances to the center for each term that they are either enrolled in classes or have an assigned position with the University. 

Recreational Services and Johnson Center offers clearances to patrons who are not a UNM student or faculty and staff on main campus. Clearances are only offered to those who have an affiliation to the University of New Mexico (see below for affiliation card types). For more information please refer to your Rec Card FAQ

*NOTE: A one time $10.00 charge will be applied for all new or dropped Rec Card memberships. Renewal memberships will not have to pay this $10.00 charge unless they have not renewed their membership within a 3 semester period.

Rec Card Clearances

Each Rec Card type will have a list of sign-up procedures and prices. Click the Rec Card clearance type to see the price, procedure and process in order to purchase a card.

UNM Alumnus 

  • Graduate of the University of New Mexico
  • Spouse, Domestic Partner, and/or Dependent (18-25 years of age) of Alumnus

UNM Passport

  • Spouse, Domestic Partner or Dependent of a full-time UNM Student of main campus
  • Spouse, Domestic Partner or Dependent of a full-time UNM Faculty or Staff (UNM Faculty or Staff member must have clearances for the given semester)

UNM Affiliate

  • UNM Branch Campus (Student or Employee)
  • CNM Student, Faculty or Staff
  • Visiting Scholar 
  • Visiting Professor
  • Educational Affiliate (other Universities or Colleges in New Mexico)
  • Department Affiliate (Conference, Student Group or other group sponsored by a department on Main Campus)
  • Sports Club coach or manager

UNM Employee

  • Part-Time Faculty or Staff
  • Adjunct Faculty (non-contract)
  • AIMS Staff
  • Lobo Energy Employees
  • NACA Faculty
  • Temporary or On-Call Faculty/Staff 
  • UNM Continuing Ed Employee/Instructor
  • Student Union Building Vendor Employees (Food services) 
  • Contract Employees

Rec Card Renewal

To renew your Rec Card you can pay online or at our office inside Johnson Center, Room 1102. You will need to fill out a renewal application in order to update your Rec Card.