Swim Lesson Instructors


Hi! My name is Alina and I have been swimming for about five years now. I swam all throughout my high school career, as well as during the summer, at Highpoint Sports and Wellness. I have taught lessons at various city pools and now here I am teaching lessons at UNM. I am willing to teach all ages, at any skill, but I prefer teaching young children to young adults between the ages 3 - 20. I specialize in children getting comfortable with the water, improving stroke technique, and so much more. Hope to see you soon!


I learned how to swim when I was a bit older. I joined the swim team in high school and had a blast. I learned so much in that time of my life. Now, I love teaching children to swim. I prefer teaching children between the ages of 4-10.


Greetings, my name is Julie. I have been swimming before I could walk, or so I’ve been told. I competitively swam when I was in high school and through perseverance and determination; I made it to State Championships. I am known for my form and technique. Patients and goals are my true virtue, attributes that are required to successfully teach those who are new to the waters as well as those who want to someday compete. I am CPR certified and have been teaching kids, 3-12 years of age, how to master swim and conquer their fears for the past 3 years. Teaching those to become one with the water is what I do and given the opportunity to meet with you I will elaborate further. Hope to see you in the water.


Hi I’m Kaia! I’m a freshman here at UNM and born and raised in Rio Rancho. I swam competitively for seven years, I’ve been teaching swim lessons for four, and I have experience in coaching club swim teams. I enjoy teaching all levels and ages, however my comfort zone and most experience lies with those who are working towards swim team or who need help refining technique and cutting time for swim team.


Hi, I’m Lauren. I’ve instructed kids around ages 3 and up how to swim, if that be just getting them into the water or kicking, floating, and actual strokes. I have taught lessons with multiple kids, 4 at a time would probably be the most I would be comfortable with. I started teaching lessons the summer of 2014 at the Tennis Club of Albuquerque and changed to doing them at UNM the summer of 2018. I plan on continuing to do them until I graduate! I have also been in various school and club swim teams since I was a child. I know all the strokes and the hidden struggles to perfect them. I love to see the little goofballs be so optimistic and excited about getting into the pool (or the ones that don’t want to get in, but I think I could change their minds).


Lindsay was trained as a YMCA swim instructor in Rhode Island, where she taught swim lessons and worked as a pool, waterfront, and beach lifeguard for 6 years. She swam competitively for 9 years, including 4 years of varsity high school swimming. This variety of aquatics experience has prepared her as a swim instructor to develop personal water safety, introduce basic swimming skills and strokes, and refine stroke technique. Her teaching style is adaptable to all ages and skill levels. In particular, she enjoys working with children ages 4 to teens and intermediate to advanced adults. Specialty areas include swim team preparation and open-water safety, strokes, and survival skills. Additional teaching experience includes 2+ years as a graduate student instructor at UNM.


I am a freshman here at UNM! I’m from a small town outside of Albuquerque called Estancia. I taught swim lessons, coached the swim team and lifeguarded at that same pool. I’ve been swimming before I could walk and I’m most experienced in teaching kids of all ages, also I don’t mind working with adults!


Hey! My name is Natalia,
I have taught swim lessons on and off for the last five years and been a lifeguard for six years. I also did swim team when I was younger. I work well with adults and older children as well since the way I teach is very direct. However, I also enjoy working with toddlers! I genuinely love seeing my swim lessons improve their swimming skills, whether it's learning the actual technique, or just not being afraid of swimming. I believe everyone should be comfortable in the water!


I have been a lifeguard and swim instructor for 7 years. I am also the head diving coach at Albuquerque Academy, and a Lifeguard Instructor. I have experience-teaching kids from 1-99.


I started swimming when I was 12 years old. In my first meet ever, I qualified for state and ended up in 8th place in the 50m Freestyle. For the next 7 years I was one of the top 10 swimmers in the 50m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke.


Suzanna here! I am a sophomore at UNM, a Texas gal, and a lifelong swimmer! I believe swimming is one of the most important skills for a person to learn. I have worked for two summers as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and coach of a youth swim team in Austin, TX. I am most experienced teaching children and love working with kids of all ages! I am happy to work with students of any skill level, whether that’s teaching basic comfort in the water to new swimmers or refining stroke technique for advanced competitive swimmers. I can’t wait to see you in lessons!