Sport & Recreational Club Council

What We Do 

The Mission & Goal of the Sports & Recreational Club Council and Executive Board are to: 

  • Be an Open Resource for Sport & Recreational Club Students, Officers, Coaches or Team Leaders, and Supporting Sports & Recreational ClubAdministrations.  
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration between Clubs and supporting Sports & Recreational Club Administrations.  
  • Educate, mentor, network, and learn from each other.  
  • Participate in joint fundraising, gain collective club awareness on campus, boost camaraderie.  
  • Build momentum for sponsorships.  
  • Support clubs to overcome challenges and operate sustainably.   

Who We Serve 

The Sports & Recreational Club Council and Executive Board will provide a place for all active Sport & Recreational Clubs at the University of New Mexico to feel welcomed, supported, recognized, and have access to the tools necessary to succeed.    


The Sports & Recreational Club Council meets on a monthly basis during the Fall and Winter semesters, to address matters that impact the program. It will be comprised of 1-2 representatives from each club and the Executive Board.