Jr. Lobo Swim Academy

UNM Recreational Services is proud to offer Jr. Lobo Swim Academy. The Jr. Lobo Swim Academy provides swimming lessons to all skill levels of swimmers. Both group and private lessons are available.

Group Lessons

Group lessons vary in price $48 for six to $112 for 14, 30-minute lessons. Each class has a capacity of 6 participants (10 for parent tot classes and adult beg/int). Sessions are divided up by skill level not age level.

Swim Lessons Schedule
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Private/Buddy Lesson Availability

Class Descriptions

  • Parent and Tot

    • Ages are 6 months - 4 years first time introduction to the water
  • Tadpoles

    • Fully submerge face for three (3) seconds
    • Front float (with assistance) Back float (with assistance)
    • Blow bubbles with ease Kicking (with assistance)
    • Five (5) consecutive bobs
  • Seashells

    • Blow bubbles from nose with ease
    • Hold breath for 7-10 seconds Bob from deep area to shallow area
    • Jellyfish float
    • Turtle float
    • Forward alternating arm movement for (10) yards
    • Backward alternating arm movement for ten (10) yards
  • Seahorses

    • Submerge and retrieve object in shallow water 
    • Front float and glide for five (5) seconds
    • Back float and glide for five (5) seconds
    • Ten (10) bobs without assistance
    • Forward alternating arm movement with flutter kick
    • Backward alternating arm movement with flutter kick
  • Sunfish

    • Retrieve object from bottom of the pool
    • Front glide for two (2) body lengths
    • Back glide for two (2) body lengths
    • Fifteen (15) bobs in deep water
    • Swim freestyle for ten (10) yards
    • Swim backstroke for ten (10) yards
    • Beginning breaststroke
  • Stingrays

    • Rotary breathing for freestyle
    • Elementary backstroke for twenty (20) yards
    • Swim correct freestyle for twenty-five (25) yards
    • Kick correct breaststroke kick for ten (10) yards
    • Beginning side stroke skills
  • Barracudas

    • Introduction to front/back crawl for twenty-five (25) yards
    • Coordinated alternating arm movement with rhythmic breathing
    • Changing body positions while swimming twenty-five (25) yards
    • Swim correct backstroke for fifty (50) yards
    • Introduction to diving into water
  • Dolphins

    • Butterfly
    • Coordinated breaststroke
    • Correct freestyle for one hundred (100) yards
    • Correct backstroke for one hundred (100) yards Flip turns
  • Adult Beginner
  • Adult Intermediate

Private and Buddy Lessons

Private and buddy lessons are offered at all times and days but based on the availability of our instructors. Private swim lessons are $95 for 5 half hour sessions or $170 for 10 half hour sessions. Buddy swim lessons are $75 per person for 5 half hour sessions or $135 per person for 10 half hour sessions. To request a time slot for private lessons, please email the Aquatics office at swimlessons@unm.edu or call 505-277-5980.