Club Sports


How do I become a Club Sport?
• Must have 5 UNM students to start your club
• Attend an annual SAC chartering workshop
• Attend a Recreational Services chartering orientation
How do we reserve space on Johnson Field or Johnson Center?
All reservations for Johnson Center should be completed on EMS website. Please refer to our Reserving Space at Johnson Guidelines.
How do we get approval to use UNM's logo on publications/uniforms/etc.?
All designs using UNM signage must first be approved by UCAM prior to printing. Please refer to our Branding Guidelines.
How do we get funding from the University?
There are a couple of ways to receive funding for your official UNM student organization. If you are classified as a competitive sport, you will apply for funding from Recreational Services. If your club is classified as a recreational sport, you will apply for funding through SGAO. Please refer to our Spending Guidelines.
What is the Recreational Services mailing address?
1 University of New Mexico
MSC04 2600 - Johnson Center
Albuquerque, NM
Who should I contact to get more information about Club Sports?
Victoria Perez our Club Sports Operations Specialist, at

Contact Club Sports

Victoria Perez
UNM Club Sports Coordinator
Jessica Bennett
Club Sports Project Assistant