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Weight Room/Cardio

Weight/Cardio Room Policies & Rules

  • Bags in designated areas only, preferably a locker.
  • Appropriate attire and footwear required. NO sandals or open toe shoes allowed.
  • NO food or drink allowed in the Weight Room. Water allowed in non-breakable spill proof bottles.
  • All patrons must be 15 years of age or older. Children between 15-17 must be with their parents/guardians.
  • Do not alter, disassemble or move any piece of equipment from its designated spot.
  • All free weight lifts must be collared.
  • Use of a spotter recommended.
  • Return all weights to their proper location.
  • Do not place weights on upholstered areas.
  • Olympic style lifting is not allowed at any time.
  • Do not drop weights on floor.
  • Spray and wipe down each exercise station after use.
  • Observe the 25-minute limit on all cardio machines.
  • Please observe posted circuit training machine rules.
  • Please limit stretching and abdominal work to designated stretching mats.
  • Do not adjust televisions or stereos.