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Recreation Policies

  • To enter Johnson Center, UNM students, faculty and staff must present their LOBO Card. All others must present a valid Rec Card. Johnson Center is also considered to include all tennis courts and fields located on Main Campus.

  • Students, faculty or staff without proper identification must be looked up and identified at the Recreational Services’ office. Any exception must be cleared by the supervisor on duty.

  • Illegal use of an I.D. card will result in the confiscation of that card and subsequent report filed with the Dean of Students or other appropriate department. Illegal use of an I.D. card may also result in a suspension of recreational privileges.

  • All individuals must follow all policies governing each facility within and around Johnson Center.

  • All patrons of Johnson Center must adhere to UNM’s, Johnson Center’s and Recreational Services’ Codes of Conduct. Any individual who chooses not to adhere to each Code of Conduct or not follow the entry and Recreation Policies will be subject to loss of all recreational privileges. "Door Crashers” are also subject to disciplinary action, including loss of all recreational privileges.

  • Hours, availability of facility and policies are subject to change without notice.

Recreational Services' Code of Conduct

  • Respect Johnson Center facilities and equipment.

  • No violent or aggressive behavior. No foul or offensive language. Show good sportsmanship.

  • Be courteous to others. Show respect for the privacy and property of others.

  • Wear appropriate attire in each area of the facility.

  • Follow all policies, procedures and regulations for the use of Johnson Center. Adhere to all University of New Mexico and Recreational Services’ policies, rules and regulations.

  • Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access to Johnson Center suspended or revoked as determined by the Open Recreation Coordinator.