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Pool Rentals

Pool space is available to rent out for groups when available. Groups must be a part of an organization or company. Rentable areas include Johnson pool (seen from the auxiliary gym), the Therapy pool and 1 to 24 lanes of the Olympic pool. All open recreational rules apply during the time of the rental.

Request Pool Rental

To request rental of one of our pools please visit

Rental Rates

Olympic Pool
$4/lane/hr. (Short Course) $10/lane/hr. (Long Course) (when available) lanes range from 3.5’ – 14’ deep Temperature is 80°

Johnson Pool
$10/hr. includes 6 lanes. Each lane slopes from 3.5’ to 12’ deep Temperature is 84°

Therapy Pool
$20/hr. pool is 33’ x 60’. The depth slopes from 2’ – 3.5’ Temperature is 92°

Lifeguard Fees
All pools are subject to a $10/ hr lifeguard fee - 1 lifeguard per 40 people per pool
(minimum of 2 lifeguards)

Additional As Required
Rentals may also be subject to Janitorial staffing and equipment fees.

Notice: The diving boards may not be used during rentals!

* For more information regarding facility rental please email Thomas Shiparski at