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Personal Training

Are you interested in starting a fitness program designed for your own personal needs and flexible to your busy schedule? Learning about the proper training skills needed for health and well-being? Familiarizing yourself with different machines and equipment? Toning and shaping? Strength or sport specific training? If yes, then you need a personal trainer!

Our Personal Trainers are nationally certified and can design a quality training program to assist you in meeting your fitness goals!

Packages & Pricing

Individual Training

# SessionsStudentFaculty/StaffCommunity
        3  $100        $120     $150
        5   $150        $175     $205
        7   $200        $250     $280
       10     $250        $300     $330

Partner Training

# SessionsStudent    Faculty/Staff
         3   $125        $150
         5   $180        $225
         7   $205        $280

Personal Training Packages & Pricing


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  • Late Policy: Instructors will only wait 15 minutes after a scheduled time for participants. After a 15 minute period, the session is considered canceled and the instructor is free to leave. Sessions that start late will still end at the scheduled time, barring extenuating circumstances.
  • No Show Policy: If you do not show for the scheduled session with your trainer AND you do not give a cancellation or advance notice you forfeit your session.
  • Refund Policy: All packages are non-refundable.